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The "Cooling Down" Period of Your Divorce

Once a divorce is filed there is often, what is called a “cooling down” period”. This is a waiting period that is required by law that starts from the time the divorce is filed until the divorce can actually be granted by the court. This period of time does vary from state-to-state, but typically no more than 90 days.

This waiting period really has two purposes:

1. It will allow the court time to follow proper procedure and review certain paperwork that has been submitted. Often times the court may have several requests before the actual divorce documents will be accepted by the courts.

2. It allows the spouses to "cool down" prior to the divorce being finalized. This waiting period has been put in place, so spouses that may have second thoughts about going through with the divorce have the opportunity to dismiss the case.

The waiting period became very popular with the introduction of the no-fault divorce. Since the no-fault grounds make it easier it file for a divorce, the courts feel as though many spouses may be initiating the divorce procedures to terminate their marriage prematurely. Even though you may be filing an uncontested divorce where both you and your spouse have signed the paperwork, the cooling off period may still exist as part of court formality.

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