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Finding a New Divorce Lawyer

Once you have decided to fire your lawyer, the first step is to find a new one. Do not fire your lawyer until you have hired a new one. Firing your lawyer in the middle of a divorce or custody case without having a replacement lined up would be worse than taking a quarterback out of the football game without having a substitute available. You already know how important your choice of lawyer can be. Rather than rush into things, simply shop quietly for a new lawyer while keeping your old one. Then, when you hire the new lawyer, have him or her enter an appearance in your case at the same time the old one strikes his or her appearance. In some states, even if you have not paid your bill, a lawyer will not be able to get out of your case without your permission without first obtaining the permission of the court. Under no circumstances should you willingly let one lawyer withdraw from your court case unless you have another one involved. If you let your old lawyer out of the case (or if the court lets him or her out) before you have a new lawyer, your spouse's lawyer will pounce on you so fast your head will spin. You probably won't even know you've been pounced on until it's too late.

When you go looking for a new lawyer, you may find that some won't talk to you until you've fired your old lawyer and settled your bill. Don't waste any time on these lawyers. The only reason they want you to have fired and paid your other lawyer is that they are lazy. They don't want to get in the middle of a dispute between you and your first lawyer. A dispute could arise, for example, if you hire the new lawyer but the old lawyer won't hand over your file until you pay the bill. Suppose you can't pay the old lawyer's bill because you had to pay the new lawyer's retainer? If you've already hired the new lawyer, he or she has a duty to represent you. This is very difficult to do without the file, but the old lawyer is holding it hostage. It's a messy situation, but if the new lawyer is not up to the challenge of getting the file from the old lawyer, you won't be missing out on much by not hiring him or her.

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